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ISSN: 2075-8251 (English edition), 2075-8243 (Russian edition)
Acta Naturae. 2015. V. 7. № 2 (25)
  • O. V. Matveeva, G. V. Kochneva, S. V. Netesov, S. B. Onikienko, P. M. Chumakov

    Mechanisms of Oncolysis by Paramyxovirus Sendai
  • N. V. Krakhmal, M. V. Zavyalova, E. V. Denisov, S. V. Vtorushin, V. M. Perelmuter

    Cancer Invasion: Patterns and Mechanisms
  • A. V. Grishin, M. S. Krivozubov, A. S. Karyagina, A. L. Gintsburg

    Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Lectins As Targets for Novel Antibacterials
  • M. A. Filatov, Y. V. Khramova, M. L. Semenova

    In Vitro Mouse Ovarian Follicle Growth and Maturation in Alginate Hydrogel: Current State of the Art
  • D. K. Nilov, E. A. Prokhorova, V. K. Švedas

    Search for Human Lactate Dehydrogenase A Inhibitors Using Structure-Based Modeling
  • J. A. Filippova, G. A. Stepanov, D. V. Semenov, O. A. Koval, E. V. Kuligina, I. V. Rabinov, V. A. Richter

    Modified Method of rRNA Structure Analysis Reveals Novel Characteristics of Box C/D RNA Analogues
  • A. V. Stepanov, A. A. Belogurov Jr., P. Kothapalli, O. G. Shamborant, V. D. Knorre, G. B. Telegin, A. A. Ovsepyan, N. A. Ponomarenko, S. M. Deyev, S. V. Kaveri, A. G. Gabibov

    Specific Depletion of Myelin-Reactive B Cells via BCR-Targeting
  • I. E. Deyev, N. V. Popova, A. G. Petrenko

    Determination of Alkali-Sensing Parts of the Insulin Receptor-Related Receptor Using the Bioinformatic Approach
  • К. А. Rubina, V. А. Smutova, М. L. Semenova, А. А. Poliakov, S. Gerety, D. Wilkinson, Е. I. Surkova, Е. V. Semina, V. Yu. Sysoeva, V. А. Tkachuk

    Detection of T-Cadherin Expression in Mouse Embryos
  • E. I. Nagaeva, N. N. Potapieva, D. B. Tikhonov

    The Effect of Hydrophobic Monoamines on Acid-Sensing Ion Channels ASIC1B
  • E. Yu. Trizna, E. N. Khakimullina, L. Z. Latypova, A. R. Kurbangalieva, I. S. Sharafutdinov, V. G. Evtyugin, E. V. Babynin, M. I. Bogachev, A. R. Kayumov

    Thio Derivatives of 2(5H)-Furanone As Inhibitors against Bacillus subtilis Biofilms
  • E. V. Dubrovin, G. V. Presnova, M. Yu. Rubtsova, A. M. Egorov, V. G. Grigorenko, I. V. Yaminsky

    The Use of Atomic Force Microscopy for 3D Analysis of Nucleic Acid Hybridization on Microarrays
  • O. E. Bryzgunova, S. N. Tamkovich, A. V. Cherepanova, S. V. Yarmoshchuk, V. I. Permyakova, O. Y. Anykeeva, P. P. Laktionov

    Redistribution of Free- and Cell-Surface- Bound DNA in Blood of Benign and Malignant Prostate Tumor Patients
  • V. V. Gusel’nikova, D. E. Korzhevskiy

    NeuN As a Neuronal Nuclear Antigen and Neuron Differentiation Marker


New journal on life sciences, biotechnology and biopharmaceutics

Journal “Acta Naturae” is now available in open access in PubMed Central® and eLIBRARY.RU.

Acta Naturae is a new international journal on life sciences based in Moscow, Russia. Our goal is to present scientific work and discovery in molecular biology, biochemistry, biomedical disciplines and biotechnology. These fields represent the most important priorities for the research and engineering development both in Russia and worldwide. Acta Naturae is also a periodical for those who are curious in various aspects of biotechnological business, innovations in pharmaceutical areas, intellectual property protection and social consequences of scientific progress. The journal will publish analytical industrial surveys focused on the development of different spheres of modern life science and technology.

Being a radically new and totally unique publication in Russia, Acta Naturae will be useful to both representatives of fundamental research and experts in applied sciences.

The editorial council and editorial board include prominent scientists from Russia and abroad: Anatoly Grigoriev, vice-president of Russian Academy of sciences, Alexander Gabibov, Sergey Kochetkov, Patrick Masson, Alan Friboulet, Alfonso Tramontano, Knud Nierhaus.

The journal is published since April 2009, 4 times a year.

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