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ISSN: 2075-8251 (English edition), 2075-8243 (Russian edition)
Acta Naturae. 2015. V. 7. № 1 (24)
  • B.D. Zhivotovsky, V.G. Gogvadze, V.A. Tkachuk

    Milestones of World Life Science
  • P. V. Sergiev, O. A. Dontsova, G. V. Berezkin

    Theories of Aging: An Ever-Evolving Field
  • K. R. Valetdinova, S. P. Medvedev, S. M. Zakian

    Model Systems of Motor Neuron Diseases As a Platform for Studying Pathogenic Mechanisms and Searching for Therapeutic Agents
  • P. V. Panteleev, I. A. Bolosov, S. V. Balandin, T. V. Ovchinnikova

    Structure and Biological Functions of β-Hairpin Antimicrobial Peptides
  • D. V. Popov, E. A. Lysenko, I. V. Kuzmin, O. L. Vinogradova, A. I. Grigoriev

    Regulation of PGC-1α Isoform Expression in Skeletal Muscles
  • A. A. Alekseeva, V. V. Fedorchuk, S. A. Zarubina, E. G. Sadykhov, A. D. Matorin, S. S. Savin, V. I. Tishkov

    The Role of Ala198 in the Stability and Coenzyme Specificity of Bacterial Formate Dehydrogenases
  • O. S. Rogovaya, A. K. Fayzulin, A. V. Vasiliev, A. V. Kononov, V. V. Terskikh

    Reconstruction of Rabbit Urethral Epithelium with Skin Keratinocytes
  • O. A. Shadrina, T. S. Zatsepin, Yu. Yu. Agapkina, M. G. Isaguliants, M. B. Gottikh

    Influence of Drug Resistance Mutations on the Activity of HIV-1 Subtypes A and B Integrases: a Comparative Study
  • O. V. Orlova, V. L. Drutsa, P. V. Spirin, V. S. Prasolov, P. M. Rubtsov, S. N. Kochetkov, S. N. Beljelarskaya

    The Role of HCV E2 Protein Glycosylation in Functioning of Virus Envelope Proteins in Insect and Mammalian Cells
  • D. V. Pankratov, E. González-Arribas, Yu. M. Parunova, M. A. Gorbacheva, Yu. S. Zeyfman, S. V. Kuznetsov, A. V. Lipkin, S. V. Shleev

    New Nanobiocomposite Materials for Bioelectronic Devices
  • S. V. Dentovskaya, S. A. Ivanov, P. Kh. Kopylov, R. Z. Shaikhutdinova, М. E. Platonov, T. I. Kombarova, T. V. Gapel’chenkova, S. V. Balakhonov, A. P. Anisimov

    Selective Protective Potency of Yersinia pestis ΔnlpD Mutants
  • А. V. Аkimova, G. N. Rychkov, М. А. Grin, N. A. Filippova, G. V. Golovina, N. A. Durandin, A. M. Vinogradov, Т. А. Коkrashvili, А. F. Mironov, А. А. Shtil, V. А. Кuzmin

    Interaction with Serum Albumin As a Factor of the Photodynamic Efficacy of Novel Bacteriopurpurinimide Derivatives
  • L. A. Balabanova, V. А. Golotin, I. Y. Bakunina, L. V. Slepchenko, V. V. Isakov, A. B. Podvolotskaya, V. А. Rasskazov

    Recombinant α-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase from Marine Bacterium-Modifying A Erythrocyte Antigens


New journal on life sciences, biotechnology and biopharmaceutics

Journal “Acta Naturae” is now available in open access in PubMed Central® and eLIBRARY.RU.

Acta Naturae is a new international journal on life sciences based in Moscow, Russia. Our goal is to present scientific work and discovery in molecular biology, biochemistry, biomedical disciplines and biotechnology. These fields represent the most important priorities for the research and engineering development both in Russia and worldwide. Acta Naturae is also a periodical for those who are curious in various aspects of biotechnological business, innovations in pharmaceutical areas, intellectual property protection and social consequences of scientific progress. The journal will publish analytical industrial surveys focused on the development of different spheres of modern life science and technology.

Being a radically new and totally unique publication in Russia, Acta Naturae will be useful to both representatives of fundamental research and experts in applied sciences.

The editorial council and editorial board include prominent scientists from Russia and abroad: Anatoly Grigoriev, vice-president of Russian Academy of sciences, Alexander Gabibov, Sergey Kochetkov, Patrick Masson, Alan Friboulet, Alfonso Tramontano, Knud Nierhaus.

The journal is published since April 2009, 4 times a year.

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