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By the end of 2012, the Government of the Russian Federation is to approve the State Program “Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries” for 2013–2020, which includes the current Federal Target-Oriented Program “Pharma-2020.” One of the objectives within the State Program prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade is to “increase the share of domestically produced drugs and medicinal products in overall consumption by the public healthcare services of the Russian Federation by 48%.” However, the term “domestically produced drug” still remains to be legislatively defined. According to the draft resolution issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in May 2012, a “domestic drug” should mean a drug whose production cycle in the territory of the Russian Federation starts from a substance or a ready-toconsume formulation. Until 2014, the Ministry was ready to regard even those drugs whose packaging was made in Russia as Russian ones. However, no further steps followed. Therefore, the question pertaining to which drugs and which produced by which pharmaceutical companies should be regarded as domestic drugs remains open. Actors of the Russian pharmaceutical industry share their opinions.

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