Genetic Diversity of Bacillus thuringiensis from Different Geo-Ecological Regions of Ukraine by Analyzing the 16S rRNA and gyrB Genes and by AP-PCR and saAFLP

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The Bacillus cereus group consists of closely related species of bacteria and is of interest to researchers due to its importance in industry and medicine. However, it remains difficult to distinguish these bacteria at the intra- and inter-species level. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a member of the B. cereus group. In this work, we studied the inter-species structure of five entomopathogenic strains and 20 isolates of Bt, which were collected from different geo-ecological regions of Ukraine, using various methods: physiological and biochemical analyses, analysis of the nucleotide sequences of the 16S rRNA and gyrB genes, by AP-PCR (BOX and ERIC), and by saAFLP. The analysis of the 16S rRNA and gyrB genes revealed the existence of six subgroups within the B. cereus group: B anthracis, B. cereus I and II, Bt I and II, and Bt III, and confirmed that these isolates belong to the genus Bacillus. All strains were subdivided into 3 groups. Seventeen strains belong to the group Bt II of commercial, industrial strains. The AP-PCR (BOX and ERIC) and saAFLP results were in good agreement and with the results obtained for the 16S rRNA and gyrB genes. Based on the derived patterns, all strains were reliably combined into 5 groups. Interestingly, a specific pattern was revealed by the saAFLP analysis for the industrial strain Bt 0376 р.о., which is used to produce the entomopathogenic preparation “STAR-t”.

About the authors

N. V. Punina

Bach Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences; Bach Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

V. S. Zotov

Bach Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences

Russian Federation

A. L. Parkhomenko

Institute of Agriculture of Crimea, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine


T. Y. Parkhomenko

Institute of Agriculture of Crimea, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine


A. F. Topunov

Bach Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences

Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2013 Punina N.V., Zotov V.S., Parkhomenko A.L., Parkhomenko T.Y., Topunov A.F.

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