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ISSN: 2075-8251 (English edition), 2075-8243 (Russian edition)
Acta Naturae. 2019. V. 11. № 1 (40)


  • D. B. Tikhonov, L. G. Magazanik, E. I. Nagaeva

    Ligands of Acid-Sensing Ion Channel 1a: Mechanisms of Action and Binding Sites
  • Y. Y. Agapkina, M. A. Pustovarova, S. P. Korolev, D. P. Zyryanova, V. V. Ivlev, A. V. Totmenin, N. M. Gashnikova, M. B. Gottikh

    Consensus Integrase of a New HIV-1 Genetic Variant CRF63_02A1
  • T. A. Ozharovskaia, O. V. Zubkova, I. V. Dolzhikova, A. S. Gromova, D. M. Grousova, A. I. Tukhvatulin, O. Popova, D. V. Shcheblyakov, D. N. Scherbinin, A. S. Dzharullaeva, A. S. Erokhova, M. M. Shmarov, S. Y. Loginova, S. V. Borisevich, B. S. Naroditsky, D. Y. Logunov, A. L. Gintsburg

    Immunogenicity of Different Forms of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome S Glycoprotein
  • R. U. Ostrovskaya, S. V. Ivanov, T. A. Gudasheva, S. B. Seredenin

    A Novel Dipeptide NGF Mimetic GK-2 Selectively Activating the PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway Promotes the Survival of Pancreatic ?-Cells in a Rat Model of Diabetes
  • K. S. Yurchenko, Yi. Jing, A. M. Shestopalov

    Adaptation of the Newcastle Disease Virus to Cell Cultures for Enhancing Its Oncolytic Properties
  • A. Zlobin, D. Suplatov, K. Kopylov, V. Švedas

    CASBench: A Benchmarking Set of Proteins with Annotated Catalytic and Allosteric Sites in Their Structures
  • S. M. Baldin, Т. А. Shcherbakova, V. K. Švedas

    Isolation, Purification and Characterization of L,D-transpeptidase 2 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

  • O. A. Kladova, N. A. Kuznetsov, O. S. Fedorova

    Thermodynamics of the DNA Repair Process by Endonuclease VIII
  • Е. M. Osipov, О. D. Hendrickson, Т. V. Tikhonova, A. V. Zherdev, O. N. Solopova, P. G. Sveshnikov, B. B. Dzantiev, V. О. Popov

    Structure of the Anti-C60 Fullerene Antibody Fab Fragment: Structural Determinants of Fullerene Binding

  • N. Rummun, R. E. Hughes, R. Beesoo, W. W. Li, O. Aldulaimi, K. G. Macleod, T. Bahorun, N. O. Carragher, A. Kagansky, V. S. Neergheen-Bhujun

    Mauritian Endemic Medicinal Plant Extracts Induce G2/M Phase Cell Cycle Arrest and Growth Inhibition of Oesophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Vitro


Editorial Policies

Editorial Policies

  • 1. The Editorial Board must keep information pertaining to submitted manuscripts confidential.
  • 2. The Editorial Board must disclose any conflicts of interest.
  • 3. The Editorial Board must evaluate manuscripts only for their intellectual content.
  • 4. The Editorial Board is responsible for making publication decisions for submitted manuscripts.

Peer Review Policy

  • 1. Reviewers must notify Acta Naturae of any conflicts of interest.
  • 2. Reviewers must keep information pertaining to the manuscript confidential.
  • 3. Reviewers must pay attention of the Editor-in-Chief any information that may have reason for rejection for publication of a manuscript.
  • 4. Reviewers must evaluate manuscripts only for their intellectual content.

Advertising Policy

  • 1. The Editorial Board of Acta Naturae take all the responsibility for advertising policy.
  • 2. The space for advertisement cannot exceed 5% in each volume of the Journal.
  • 3. Advertisements should be clearly identifiable as advertisements.
  • 4. All kind of advertisement materials are approved by the Editorial Board at their regular sessions.
  • 5. All kind of commercial advertisement must be related to life science products applicable in laboratory experiments only. The Editorial Board should avoid any materials advertising pre-clinical and clinical trials, therapeutics and products for human and animal use as well as agricultural commercial application. Journals should not carry advertisements for products proven to be seriously harmful to health. The products of well-known international and domestic companies producing scientific equipment, reagents designing novel methodologies in scientific research are mostly welcomed.
  • 6. Acta Naturae, both as a hard copy and in electronic version, publishes announcement of International and National scientific events in the field of Life Science.
  • 7. The Editorial Board consider all comments of scientific community concerning advertising materials and may stop all kind of agreements with companies in case if publishing process of advertising materials are subjected to specific and documented criticism from scientific community.

Policy on Conflict of Interest, Human and Animal Rights, and Informed Consent for Publications

The authors sign a license agreement which declares no conflict of interest. Informed consent is part of license agreement.

The Role of Journal Editors in Reviewing and Approving Material that is Published

The role of Editors in the reviewing process may be described by the following approved steps making the process transparent strictly avoiding any unregulated actions:

  • 1. The editors of Acta Naturae arrange the first line peer-review process by studding the overall importance of the paper tacking into account the field, the general quality of results and adequate presentation of the material.
  • 2. The editors select the appropriate members of the editorial board (in the most cases two members) and send them the MS with some preliminary comments made on step N 1.
  • 3. Editors consider the replies from the Editorial board members and take the decision on rejection or sending for the extramural review. In the last case they select two reviewers or ask members of editorial board to provide them with appropriate candidates.
  • 4. Editors are responsible for studding the situation with conflict of interest in evaluation process. They pay attention to avoid any situation when Editorial board members or reviewers may have connection (as former coauthors) with any authors of the manuscript under investigation. In case if the paper is going from the Editor’s Lab the provisional role of the Editor is transferred to the one of the Editorial board members. In case if authors declare they scientific contradictions with any members of the Editorial board or potential reviewers, Editors take the responsibility to exclude these persons from the list of potential persons involved in the evaluation process of this Manuscript.
  • 5. Editors collect extramural reviews and make preliminary decision. In case of contradictions of two reviewers they take the decision to send the manuscript for the 3rd review.
  • 6. All manuscripts with the intramural and extramural reviews are subjected to the consideration on the Editorial board session which take place regularly 4 time per year (one month before the start of the publication procedure of the next volume of the journal).
  • 7. All reviews are transparent and available for authors excluding the blind information specially written for editorial board members.
  • 8. Editors are responsible for evaluation of rebuttal letters from authors and evaluation of these letters as well as for evaluation of the second and 3rd rounds of review process after the presentation of additional set of experiments made by authors of the manuscript upon the request of reviewers. Editors send the reviewer’s comments and editorial board members to the authors of the manuscript.

The Process that We Follow to Ensure that Our Journal Comply with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) Recommendations, the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing

  • 1. All studies, studies which results involved a medical or therapeutic intervention on patients in clinical trials, have to be approved by supervising Ethics Committee with Mines try of Health for Russian Federation. This information is provided by authors in supplementary for Materials and Methods.
  • 2. This is regulated by GCP and local Russian low acts.
  • 3. All studies and trails with animals must be harmonized with GLP principles and local standards for laboratory safest. All this information also should be provided by the authors in supplementary for Materials and Methods.
  • 4. Relations with authors are not commercial.

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