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ISSN: 2075-8251 (English edition), 2075-8243 (Russian edition)
Acta Naturae. 2018. V. 10. № 3 (38)


  • A. N. Minakov, A. S. Chernov, D. S. Asutin, N. A. Konovalov, G. B. Telegin

    Experimental Models of Spinal Cord Injury in Laboratory Rats
  • А. V. Sokolov, А. А. Shmidt, Y. A. Lomakin

    B Cell Regulation in Autoimmune Diseases
  • S. S. Terekhov, I. A. Osterman, I. V. Smirnov

    High-Throughput Screening of Biodiversity for Antibiotic Discovery
  • M. V. Shepelev, S. V. Kalinichenko, А. V. Deykin, I. V. Korobko

    Production of Recombinant Proteins in the Milk of Transgenic Animals: Current State and Prospects
  • T. N. Baymukhametov, Y. M. Chesnokov, E. B. Pichkur, K. M. Boyko, T. V. Tikhonova, A. G. Myasnikov, A. L. Vasiliev, A. V. Lipkin, V. O. Popov, M. V. Kovalchuk

    Three-Dimensional Structure оf Cytochrome c Nitrite Reductase As Determined by Cryo-Electron Microscopy
  • M. L. Bychkov, N. A. Vasilyeva, M. A. Shulepko, P. M. Balaban, M. P. Kirpichnikov, E. N. Lyukmanova

    Lynx1 Prevents Long-Term Potentiation Blockade and Reduction of Neuromodulator Expression Caused by Aβ1-42 and JNK Activation

  • A. R. Kim, T. A. Pavlenko, L. A. Katargina, N. B. Chesnokova, M. V. Ugrumov

    Biochemical and Functional Changes in the Eye As a Manifestation of Systemic Degeneration of the Nervous System in Parkinsonism
  • P. Y. Povarnina, T. L. Garibova, T. A. Gudasheva, S. B. Seredenin

    Antidepressant Effect of an Orally Administered Dipeptide Mimetic of the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
  • A. M. Sapozhnikov, A. V. Klinkova, O. A. Shustova, M. V. Grechikhina, M. S. Kilyachus, O. A. Stremovskiy, E. I. Kovalenko, S. M. Deyev

    A Novel Approach to Anticancer Therapy: Molecular Modules Based on the Barnase:Barstar Pair for Targeted Delivery of HSP70 to Tumor Cells
  • A. E. Kharitonov, A. V. Surdina, O. S. Lebedeva, A. N. Bogomazova, M. A. Lagarkova

    Possibilities for Using Pluripotent Stem Cells for Restoring Damaged Eye Retinal Pigment Epithelium
  • A. A. Kubanov, A. V. Runina, A. V. Chestkov, A. V. Kudryavtseva, Y. A. Pekov, I. O. Korvigo, D. G. Deryabin

    Whole-Genome Sequencing of Russian Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Isolates Related to ST 1407 Genogroup

  • V. V. Kulikova, M. Yu. Chernukha, E. A. Morozova, S. V. Revtovich, A. N. Rodionov, V. S. Koval, L. R. Avetisyan, D. G. Kuliastova, I. A. Shaginyan, T. V. Demidkina

    Antibacterial Effect of Thiosulfinates on Multiresistant Strains of Bacteria Isolated from Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
  • M. I. Shakhparonov, N. V. Antipova, V. O. Shender, P. V. Shnaider, G. P. Arapidi, N. B. Pestov, M. S. Pavlyukov

    Expression and Intracellular Localization of Paraoxonase 2 in Different Types of Malignancies
  • S. E. Proskurina, K. A. Petrov, E. E. Nikolsky

    Influence of the Activation of NMDA Receptors on the Resting Membrane Potential of the Postsynaptic Cell at the Neuromuscular Junction


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